Reuse and Recycling

Concrete Recycling & Removal by Angel's

Servicing Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue

There are many reasons to choose Angel’s for your concrete removal needs. Concrete removal and recycling are special tasks that require an experienced junk removal company. As a percentage of the weight of everything we remove, concrete represents a high percentage of the volume of weight we work with. Despite this, we do not charge by weight. Our volume based pricing goes by the mass the items take up in our trucks making concrete removal a particularly good deal.

Like all other items we remove, recycling is our main focus. Recycling in Seattle is more important than ever. Both the public and private infrastructure we depend on is older than ever. Because the area is strong in recycling centers, we minimize our transportation costs by recycling near the location of the removal. Nearly 70 percent of the aggregate is used in the production of new roads reducing the need for gravel mining. The remaining aggregate is used for new concrete, asphalt hot mixes and rubble for securing shorelines. A little over 70 percent of raw materials come from construction aggregates. By making use of recycled materials we reduce our energy use and the wear and tear on our roads and equipment from less transportation use.

We serve the concrete removal needs of both the residential and commercial sectors. Our service area starts at Everett and goes down to Tacoma. Call us today for a free volume based estimate of your concrete removal needs at 877-744-5865.

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