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Junk and Rubbish Removal Pricing

Fees Include Reuse and Recycling


We base our rates on the amount of junk and rubbish collected. This is based on the volume the junk fills of our truck’s 10' X 8' X 5' container. Upon arrival we perform a free on-site quote. Our quotes come with no obligation to purchase. Prior to arrival, we do our best to give the clearest input possible as to what the final junk removal cost will be. In certain cases of extremely heavy loads caused by items such as concrete, tiles, builder’s debris, soil, etc, an additional weight rate might be required. Once we agree on an estimate, you are provided with a price confirmation and we happily remove all unwanted items.

Junk Hauling Prices

  • All loading inside and out of your location.
  • Broom sweeping of cleared out spaces.
  • The most complete recycling and donation of reusable items and materials possible.


Minimum $129 3/8 Load $309 3/4 Load $479
1/8 Load $159 1/2 Load $359 5/6 Load $519
1/6 Load $199 5/8 Load $399 7/8 Load $559
1/4 Load $229 2/3 Load $439 Full Load $579
1/3 Load $269        


Tires with Rims $10
Tires $7.50
Automotive Battery $5
Fluorescent Light Bulb $5
Concrete Mix $10


Labor charges only apply in rare situations where more than one hour is required for a team of two to remove the junk from the premises. In cases that more than one hour is required, there is a $30 per employee hour fee.

Commercial/Demo/Heavy Pricing

These are items that are heavier than what is typical of household or office junk. For safety issues, these items cannot be loaded as high as everyday junk. For example, concrete can only be loaded a foot high, drywall can be loaded about twice that.

Minimum $289
1/4 load $289
1/2 load $399
3/4 load $539
Full load $639

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