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Donation and Recycling of Office Furniture

Preserve the Environment in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue

Did you know that every year US companies purchase more office chairs than the entire number of unemployed people in the United States? In fact, there are nearly as many file cabinets purchased by businesses around the country. It is absolutely imperative that your unwanted office furniture stays out of our landfills through proper disposal. Trust Angel’s Junk Removal to handle the donation and recycling of your office electronics, chairs, file cabinets, computers, tables and workstations.

While it can often be convenient to dispose of your office furniture in the garbage, consider this, nearly 9 million tons of furniture goes into our waste stream every year. We can keep most of this out of landfills. We start with donation through various charities. Our favorite charity in the Seattle Area for unwanted furniture is the Sharehouse. The Sharehouse takes used furniture and passes it on to individuals and families in transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Some of our preferred recycling resources include Total Reclaim for computers and Ecycle Environmental. Most of the steel, plastic, wood and fabric can be reused after having been scrapped.

Proper Disposal of your Office Furniture

While the Greater Seattle Area offers excellent opportunities for recycling and donation, executing the proper disposal of office furniture is often easier said than done. A single workstation can easily weigh a hefty 1000 pounds and several elements of an office can be custom for the individual atmosphere. The professionals at Angel’s have seen it all before. A simple phone call will send a couple of team members over to provide you a volume based estimate of your project’s needs. The next step is the speedy removal of that unwanted office junk. In the end you will be amazed how nice it feels to regain your space back guilt free.

We serve the needs of the Greater Seattle Area from Everett to the north Bellevue in the east and Tacoma to the south. We work with large companies, small businesses and residential clients. Call 877-744-5865 today.

Office Items We Reuse and Recycle

  • Electronics: Computers, Servers, Cel Phones
  • Supplies: Office Paper, Newspaper, Textbooks, Phonebooks, Magazines, Packaging, Medium-Density Fiberboard, Paper Packaging
  • Furniture: Chairs, Workstations, Cubicles, File Cabinets, Tables, Trunks, Carpeting

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